Sunday, April 5, 2009


Its Monday 3am and we are on the way to the hills for early momo wa'azi*. Come down the hill around 6am singing and dancing on the streets, thanking God for sending his Son to come and die for us. And today we celebrate his victory over death.
That was how we celebrated Easter for 10-15yrs. Nowadays, Good Friday-at work, Easter Monday- at work. I really miss home, especially at times likes this when I get to hang out with family and friends.
This is to wish each and everyone of you a happy easter and remember why we celebrate this day(s).
I know its early, but i am studying for my CPA exams and do not know if I will get a chance to post before then.
Before I go, please pray for my Wife that she will have the strength and good health for a healthy delivery. We are expecting a Son.
Bye for now and ttys.



  1. Thank you very much, and happy Easter to you too. May Jesus' sacrifice become even more meaningful to us this yr amen. I just prayed along with you for your wife's safe delivery. Congratulations r in order!

    And the very best in your CPA exams (is that a computer exam?)

  2. Certified Public Accountant. And thank you very much.

  3. De rien. ("don't mention" - i just learnt that today ;-)). Thank you too, and God be with you.

  4. Sorry, just seeing ur question. It's French, and I hope I got the spelling right.

    Hope the delivery was safe? And you exams fa? Will check back for your updates.
    ill then, Allah Ya albarkace ku, amin!

  5. Happy easter, hope your wife had a safe delivery :)

  6. i know what you mean jare. it is during periods like this i miss home more. easter, xmas and so on. this year, i went to church but i still felt as though something was missing that i won't get until i'm back home. *shakes head*