Sunday, April 5, 2009


Its Monday 3am and we are on the way to the hills for early momo wa'azi*. Come down the hill around 6am singing and dancing on the streets, thanking God for sending his Son to come and die for us. And today we celebrate his victory over death.
That was how we celebrated Easter for 10-15yrs. Nowadays, Good Friday-at work, Easter Monday- at work. I really miss home, especially at times likes this when I get to hang out with family and friends.
This is to wish each and everyone of you a happy easter and remember why we celebrate this day(s).
I know its early, but i am studying for my CPA exams and do not know if I will get a chance to post before then.
Before I go, please pray for my Wife that she will have the strength and good health for a healthy delivery. We are expecting a Son.
Bye for now and ttys.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

The one you feed!

She Says..
He says.....

I enjoy hanging out with you

The pleasure is all mine W

I think i like you
I think i like you too.

I love you
I love you too

You are everything to me
You make my world a better place

Will you mary me?

We need to talk
We are talking

You don't do this/that like you used to
When did you become so demanding?

I am tired of this
So am I

What are you saying?
What are you saying?


Why do we forget the reason we fell in love in the first place.. we value the good we find in each other, how we understand one another, support one another. With time we begin to forget and all we see and talk about are our flaws... what she does not do, what he does not say rather than seeing the good we know is there and cherishing and nurturing it.
Remember, we have a battle within us and only side can win.... The one you feed.