Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas In Houston.

Merry Christmas to all. I wish i was spending this Christmas in the Villa, but man proposes & God disposes. My wife and I have been, painting, redecorating and cooking for the holidays. We are having friends over and it will at least feel like xmas back home. I envy all those people that got to travel home.
We are having the staples- Rice and Stew, Jollof Rice, Moi-moi, Pepper soup and Coke( Bottle). I was going to make some Danwake but ran out of time and could not get the Bean flour in time- oh well, maybe for New Years.
For those that made it home or at home, enjoy all the festivities on my behalf - am talking to you Lil bro. Dance for me too at Palam Tangle.
Let us not forget that reason for the season- The gift of Jesus Christ to all mankind.
Thank you Father for redeeming us.


  1. Sannunka! Ranka dade, har da na iyalin ka, Amin. May you continue to be grow, be blessed and motivated. Cheers!