Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Naija Here I Come/NOT

I got my Tickets for travel to Naija and I am excited to say the least.The only qualms I have is that I won't be at the Villa for Christmas; I will be there for New Year and of course the main reason of being home- to see my In-laws and celebrate my grandfathers 100th.
I hope to live as long as my grandfather- He was around when the missionaries came to my village, became one of the first converts and Pastor and has lived an exemplary life for all. I think the reason he has lived this long was his care free attitude to life. I am by nature as care free as him, but lately I have been stressing out over things that don't really matter. May be its because now I have the responsibility of taking care of another person and not wanting to let them down.
My job has been on shaky ground since the middle of the year and being on the peripheral of an Oil Company is not exactly confidence inspiring. I believe God will do what is best for me.
Anyway, I need to go and start getting my bags ready for the trip; what with all the gifts one has to get the 1000 relatives waiting in anticipation.
Suya, Dan wake, Balangu, Fura da Nono, Rake and Miyan Taushe here I come.
UPDATE*- I will be here in Houston for Xmas as i either have to stay and keep my Job or go home and call it goodbye. So, i am stuck in Houston- may be Easter? I sure hope so.


  1. Ach! Amma ka manta da ALKAMA (mmm... dadi gare shi, wallahi! :-> )
    Trust that you've been having a good time here? Thanks.

  2. Suya n Rake, na wao, enjoy

  3. @ Cidersweet: Ki nemanmun alakama da Nakiya.
    @ Sprezatura: Enjoyment no come again ohh.But i get Suya here in Houston.