Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Bicyle

Growing up in Nigeria, coming in first position was a thing expected from me. My Dad had been the toast of our village for being a brilliant man, college degree, masters ...always excelling. So, it was only natural that his son would be expected to be/do the same. I started out well; coming first thru elementary school except the one time i came in second in class 4 and cried all the way home.

I was promised a bicyle at the begining of every term if i came first in class. I did. But no bicyle.

All the way thru JSS 3. Thats when the wheels sort of fell off and I was well on my way to setting the truancy record.

I am still waiting for my bicyle Dad.


  1. Expect a ride instead. lol! Eyaaa!

  2. Im sure 9jria woulda been like china if we had all gotten those bikes every parent promised.